A “dressmaking” company of exhibition solutions became thanks to the long-lasting experience on site, a company specialised in designing and selling exhibition solutions destined to the modern retailing sector, to furnish and outfit the most different points of sale: from hypermarkets to supermarkets and discounts, Organised and specialised retailing and distribution stores, for the food sector and others, but also for chain stores such as chemists’ and health and beauty retailers, libraries, telephone and multimedia stores, clothing specialty stores, perfumeries and make-up and gadget stores.

In a decade the company enforced an industrial production system thanks to the latest production units in terms of competitive cost, controlled and constant quality as well a huge production.

Elea managed to better comply with any customer requirement and with the timely delivery requests of retailing, with no change to its bend for customizing any solution according to the customer request.

Its strength: offer a unique internal production cycle, from design to manufacturing, under the same control and management: creative design, technicians, structural steel working, painting, joinery, lacquering, glass, plexiglass and iron processing, together with the logistic platform supporting not only a rapid response but also the possibility to store big quantities of any material and then be ready for a prompt delivery to furnish new points of sale.

The company intends to become a customer partner: from design to outfitting, up to service, with rapid response, as only a big company can offer, with a constant and reliable reference as well.